How To Make Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee - so hot right now! The cold brew has become a staple in coffee shops across the country. Here's how you can bring it home.

Cold brew coffee

What Do You Need?

  • Container to hold minimum 8 - 12 oz of water
  • Medium coarse/coarse coffee grounds
  • Scale in grams or tablespoon
  • Stop watch/timer

How to Brew

1) Weigh your water - Zero out your scale with your empty vessel and fill it

with the desired amount of water that you want to brew and take the

weight (preferably in grams).

2) Weigh and add your grounds - Cold brewing is different than other methods as

it doesn't use the Golden Ratio *GASP* for beans to water! (Check out our auto-drip tutorial and others to learn more about the Golden Ratio).

Add medium coarse/coarse grounds to water at a 1:2 - 1:7 ratio by weight and stir into your water. For quick referencing, you can assume 1 level tbsp of ground coffee weighs 7-10g.

3) BREW - Let that puppy sit in the fridge for 6 - 12 hrs (overnight).

4) DRINK - After 6 - 12 hrs of steeping, strain your newest batch of cold brew over a cheese cloth or through a paper coffee filter to remove the grounds and excessive fines before drinking.


Cold brew is great because it's not only easy to make but it allows for a totally different coffee drinking experience! Some tips and other things with cold brew:

  • Typically people make cold brew in a mason jar or pitcher. You can also make it in your french press brewer though! If doing so, be sure not to depress the plunger/filter while letting the coffee steep - you want all the grounds to be free to mix.
  • There are a number of cold brew "bags" available that work very well and save a straining step. Simply load them with Glacial Cold Brew blend at the proper ratio and add to your water.
  • Use medium coarse/coarse grounds to keep from over extraction. Reference our "Grinding Your Bean" section for a size scale or choose "ground for cold brew" at check out on our Glacial Cold Brew blend.